Arrived in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted by Christopher Wink on Oct 7, 2008 in Plans

We got to Amsterdam’s Central Station after noon local time, 6 A.M. there. Took a couple hours taking the long walk to Vondel Park, next to which our hostel sits.

We checked in a day late - because of a transit strike in Brussels that delayed us - so the fine folks at Hotel Annemarie charged us for that night anyway, even though we called once we found out we couldn’t make it.

I could have argued with the manager for a year - but the Blanda boys seemed eager to get done. We are all a bit tired, a bit hungry, a bit eager to move on.

Anyway, I can’t fathom why we found some less than savory reviews for Hotel Annemarie.

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We Dont Speak the Language Preview: who will be leading you where

Posted by Christopher Wink on Oct 6, 2008 in Plans

Consider this the official opening of We Don’t Speak the Language. Don’t know why you’re here? Check our about page.

Our trip comes in two vaguely planned phases, the first has real destinations in mind, the second less so.

Completed through October, we’ll be making 10 stops on our way to Miskolc, Hungary - where we will be reassesing our funds and making some more specific choices. For purposes of this blog, we’ll be roughly alternating the lead for locations.

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Where we are staying in London, England

Posted by Christopher Wink on Oct 3, 2008 in Plans

Brits, Brazilians and Americans share a meal, Oct. 5, 2008.

Brits, Brazilians and Americans share a meal, Oct. 5, 2008.

Traveling is cheap.

What a bold statement, but our temporary housing here in expensive London is an example - more on that in a moment.

I’ll retry: living while traveling can be cheap.

This is a theme, an argument even, that will recur throughout our time blogging here, so I won’t belabor it, but the premise is that if you can get an opportunity to travel - without needing to hold down rent, mortgage or utility bills - in a transition of your life, you can live quite cheaply. WIth few checks to cut at home - student loans and credit card bills come to mind for Sean and I - your largest costs are housing and actual transportation.

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WDSTL Web site new, fresh, very hot

Posted by Christopher Wink on Sep 29, 2008 in Plans

We’re all grown up.

The new look of WeDon’tSpeaktheLanguage.com is live today and you’re looking at it.

It’s a modified Wordpress theme by a gentlemen with the handle Laptop Geek.

Much love, it looks hot, though we have a lot more to do. We have plans of adding RSS feeds for our Sunday podcasts, in addition to this fine blog. Speaking of which, watch out for our initial podcast to come out tomorrow - yeah, it’s not Sunday, but after then that’s when future installments will debut. Also our About videos should be up soon, which will also get on our Facebook and MySpace page. Friend us, dudes.

Now we go to work.


The Eagle has landed: WDSTL unite

Posted by Christopher Wink on Sep 28, 2008 in Plans

Sean Blanda (left), Robin to Chris Wink's Batman arrived in Sussex County.

Sean Blanda, the other half of the We Don’t Speak the Language team is hunkered down here with me, as we make final preparations to launch this site, our podcast and, not least of all, an open-ended backpacking trip through Europe, of which this work will be a focus.

He said his final goodbyes to his friends and family and met me at my folks’ home in beautiful Sussex County. Can a South Jersey kid survive in the rough and tumble world of North Jersey? Of course, laughs will ensue, WDSTL will blossom and in just three days we’ll be in London beginning this premiere adventure of our young lives. 

You’ll be coming with us.

Oh, the Eagles are on… gotta go.


Our initial plans

Posted by Christopher Wink on Jul 26, 2008 in Plans

Sean and I established a very basic game plan for this trip tonight here in Harrisburg.

We’ll fly into London the night of Oct. 1 - I bought my plane ticket yesterday. There we will meet up with Sean’s middle brother Brian, who is attending a technology school there. We’ll get there too late to get to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest, which ends Oct. 5, so instead we’ll start with a couple days in the city of 7.4 million.

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Plane tickets purchased

Posted by Christopher Wink on Jul 25, 2008 in Plans

Sean and I now both have a $350 ticket booked on Virgin Atlantic for Oct. 1 from Newark Liberty International Airport to London Heathrow Airport. No return flight, yet. So we know we’re going, we just aren’t sure if we’re coming back.

We’ll go from Philadelphia to Newark - where we found a cheaper direct flight using STA Travel - and then get a direct flight to London. We leave at 8 A.M. and arrive at 8 P.M. - a six-hour flight, with a six-hour time difference.

The ticket itself is $134, but then nearly $180 in taxes, surcharges and fees. Using STA Travel, we saved an additional $100 with a student price.

Photo from BeginYourAdventure.

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