How to get a passport in less than a day

Posted by Sean Blanda on Oct 20, 2008 in Travel Tips |

The book can cost you as much as $8 a page.

This book can cost you as much as $8 a page.

Your big day has finally come.  With your trusty backpack and a map you prepare to leave on your journey and then you realize you may have done something stupid.  You forgot your passport.

There is nothing more important to your travels than your passport - or as the United States Government says : “With Your U.S. Passport the World is Yours!”  Unfortunately, a passport often takes weeks, sometimes months, to get.  If you have an emirgency trip to make, or you put off applying for one, it may appear at first glance that your options are limited.

Fear not my fellow Vegabond, it is possible to get you passport in a manner of hours.  Just be prepared to pay for it.

Option One

First:  Locate your nearest passport agency.  If you live in the middle of the country or in a sparsely populated area, this may be troublesome and you should skip to option two and three.

Second: Give them a call at 1-877-487-2778 and make an appointment.

Third: Gather your birth certificate, drivers license, proof of travel, and any other proof of U.S. citizenship you have lying around.  Even if it seems superfluous, bring it.

Forth: Get your passport pictures.  You have several options here.  You could take your own or you could find a business that specializes. Several chain stores offer passport photo services such as Kinkos or Rite Aid.

Fifth: Head on over to your passport agency with all of your documents.  Depending on whether or not you lost your passport or you’re are getting one for the first time you will have to fill out several forms.  Make sure to put an accurate travel date.  The passport agency is very much like the DMV with several employees seated behind ridiculously thick windows, a large waiting area, and the general smell of bureaucracy.  After checking in, you have to wait around to have your number called.  Tell the attendant how quickly you need your passport.  The quickest WDSTL has ever seen a passport get issues is 3 hours.

Sixth: Brace yourself.  Getting a passport in a matter of hours costs a hefty $160.

Option Two

While we cannot vouch for it’s success rate several travelers find that asking their local representatvie in Washington.  Search or to find your rep.

Option Three

There are several business that specialize in getting you a passport quickly.  A quick list:

However this is even pricier than option one.  Way pricier.

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